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Check out our newest store . . . THE SOCK MONSTER! Located at 1909 N 45th Ave in

Wallingford, The Sock Monster carries fun and crazy socks.

Welcome to our Miss Grippy Blog!  Please check in with us every week to read what we are up to and for chances to win free tights.  Yah! Free stuff.

Win a Free Pair of Tights!

This week’s contest:

Send us a picture! The first Little Miss to send a picture wearing her Miss Grippy tights will win a free pair! Click here to go the Grippy Kids Page and click on “upload your picture”

Last week’s contest :

Kids say the darndest things. What’s the funniest thing your Little Miss has said lately? Our favorite comments win a free pair of tights. Contest ends March 31st. Email Christy at

. . . and the winner is . . . Sandra in Seattle!!! She was quizzing her Little Miss on colors and she said “Mommy, someday you are going to have to learn these for yourself.” Thanks for all the great responses!!!

Previous contests :

If you or your little girl had a Little Miss Name what would it be and why?

The results are in! the winner of this weeks contest is . . .(insert drum roll please) . . . it’s a tie!

Winner #1 has a three-year-old daughter that would consider herself “Little Miss Warrior.” In January, she underwent heart surgery to close a large hole in her heart, which they’ve been monitoring since she was a baby. Before, during and after the procedure, she surprised them with her tenacity, strength and bravery. Not only is she doing exceptionally well now, but she is quite happy with her battle scars, and uses every opportunity to show them off.

Winner #2 has two little girls. Both are pretty darn sassy!  Smart, quick, colorful, humorous, and full of personality – Little Miss SASSY!

Our winners will be receiving a free pair of tights of their choosing! Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for next week’s giveaway!

Spotlight on a Miss Grippy Retailer:

Monster Art & Clothing
5000 20th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107


One of the first stores to carry our tights was Monster Art & Clothing.  The store located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood highlights local, sustainable art and clothing.  Owner, Holly Gummelt, started her store a year-and-a-half ago and has plans to open a new shop The Sock Monster in Wallingford.  We will be sure and let you all know when the Sock Monster opens.

This Saturday, March 13th is the Ballard Art Walk from 6-9 p.m..  The store is taking part and there will be catered food, a DJ, and a guest aerialist performing not to mention a new featured guest artist Heidi Estey.

We recently interviewed Holly Gummelt.  Please read our Q & A below.

Q: What inspired you to open Monster Art & Clothing?

A: I had so many friends that made increadible stuff…recycled clothing, hand screenprint t-shirts with their own artwork, paintings, jewelery, etc.  I just thought to myself…”wow, I wish there was a store where we could sell all of our stuff together”…so I decided to open it up myself.

Q: What are you selling at the store that you absolutely love, love, love right now? (aside from Little Miss Grippy’s of course)

A: Well, right now we have these new amazing shirts that my friend Lizzy (Shabby Knapsack) is making, they are these beautiful cowl shirts made out of recycled clothing but the really cool thing about them is that you can turn them upside down and wear them like that and it totally changed the shape of the shirt and looks amazing both ways…totally innovative!

Q: What are some new products or trends that you are seeing for Spring/Summer?

A: I’m going to start carrying a line of clothing called Texture…they’re all blank clothing (no screenprinting) made here in Seattle out of organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo.  Great weight, stretchy and flowy pieces.  Think urban yoga for going out dancing, very sexy but very casual at the same time.  I just love that they’re sustainable and made right here in Seattle.  I think they’ll go great with some of the clothes we’ve go here right now.  I’m thinking this spring/summer is going to be all about comfortable draping clothes that allow you to move.

Q: If you had a Little Miss name what would it be?

A: Little Miss Maker


When Jess and I started this company back in May we had no idea what it really took to run a business.  We knew that there would be challenges and obstacles along the way but at the time we were so excited that we were actually going to do this tights thing that we didn’t care.  We loved our idea and had always dreamt of starting our own company but like many people we were unsure about the steps along the way.  One of our hopes with this blog is that we can help new mamapreneurs and beginning business owners develop their products and ideas by sharing some of our experiences.

One of the most valuable things that we have done is asking people for advice.  At the very beginning we had a wealth of enthusiasm and a surplus of questions.  We didn’t know much about the adventure we were about to embark on.  We had questions ranging from something as simple as “How much do retailers mark up products?” and as complex as “How do we get these things made?”.  So I sat down armed with only a computer and started searching for anybody who might be able to give us advice.  I reached out to a lot of local mamapreneurs who already had products in the marketplace.  It was as simple as sending emails out.   In these emails I would explain a little about our upstart and then list my questions and let them know we would greatly appreciate any guidance they could give us.  To our surprise there were many women who responded with some of the most valuable advice.  We got tons of free information this way and were even referred to a company, AsiaMTM run by Andrew French that acts as our connection to manufacturing in China.  In future blog entries we will share more about our experiences with manufacturing our tights overseas.

Jess, a little more outgoing then myself got tons of referrals and advice from the people that were around her.  She just couldn’t stop talking about how excited she was to finally start her own business and what she found was an outpouring of support from coworkers, baristas, family, friends and even people she was waiting in line with.  The simple fact that she talked about what she was starting to do led us to M2Volt a new startup that developed our website.  And it also kept her moral up when we faced day-to-day challenges of turning our vision into a physical product.   What we found was that when we talked about our business we got excited and that generated excitement for the people around us.  These people wanted to see us do well and as a result they recommended all kinds of people that might be able to help us out.

Two basic things kept us from giving up early on.  The first was simply putting our questions out into the universe and letting the answers just come and lead us to the next steps.  The second thing was staying excited about our new business and not letting the challenges become to overwhelming that we gave up.  This would not have been possible if we had not had each other to lean on at times along the way, but more importantly we would never have made it without the support of our family and friends around us.  We both have full time jobs so this business was created after 6:00 PM. This makes for lots of nights where your husband, kids, puppy, parents don’t see you.  There were lots of personal sacrifices of course, but going into it we didn’t realize how much the people we loved would also have to give.  So Jess and I want to give thanks to all the people and believe me there are lots who have given so much along the way so that we could get this business off the ground.



Miss Grippy

Please check back on Thursday for our next blog entry.  We will announce our first contest for free tights!